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The Amani InstituteGemeinnützigkeit Soziale Initiative und Unternehmen

Responding to the widely-perceived gap between university education and the marketplace for jobs, the Amani Institute's mission is to develop next- generation talent for solving social problems. They do this by pioneering a new model for higher education that offers participants opportunities to get an intensive experience of cross-boundary work, develop practical skills to build their professional toolkit, and understand the personal journey this work requires in order to be effective and sustainable as an individual over time - all things that employers desire and that are critical for long term career success. This methodology comes to life in their Certificate in Social Innovation Management held in Nairobi, that ist open to anyone in the world.

During the process, the Amani Institute builds much-needed capacity in civil society organizations, enabling more effective operations across the entire field. Finally, their end goal is less to create a large new training institution than to influence the higher education system to better train the new professionals and leaders of the 21st century. Their students thus become pioneers in fostering that new way of thinking and acting in the world.

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